Sunday, October 28, 2012

How much does it cost to extend my Vietnam visa?

Extending Vietnam visa is needed for those who wish to stay longer in the country than the allowed period length of validity in their Vietnam visa. The cost of Vietnam visa extension varies from different cases.

For tourist visa, it is much easier for one to extend Vietnam visa for another one month on the basis of a tourist Vietnam visa. The fee to extend tourist Vietnam visa (C1 visa) is just around USD 40 to USD 50.

However, if one holds a C1 Vietnam visa and wants to get an extension for another three months then the fee is a lot different. In this case, it depends on the place you picked up visa, the port of arrival to Vietnam, etc. to decide 3 month visa extension for you.

For business visa, the extension fee to another 1 month is from USD 45. If you would like to apply for 3 month visa extension, then it will depend on the number times you have got visa extension already and the unit of issuance for your visa. 

For exemption visa: those who enter Vietnam with exemption visa (actually it is a seal, not visa) get more difficulties in extending their visa than others. Thus, citizens in the list of Vietnam visa exemption to Vietnam planning to stay in Vietnam longer than the exemption period should apply for a Vietnam visa with the validity length as their staying duration. Otherwise, they have to pay a higher fee when they get Vietnam visa extended.

What is the procedure to get visa extended?

- Please scan the passport pages containing your Vietnam visa(s) and send to

- Receive advice and requirements as well as fee of visa extension from our staff

- Then bring your original passport to our office

- Wait around 5 to 7 working days to get your passport back with new visa extension or renewal.

Notice: in case you are not in Hanoi, you can use express mail service to send your passport to us.

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