How much does it cost to extend my Vietnam visa?

Extending Vietnam visa is needed for those who wish to stay longer in the country than the allowed period length of validity in their Vietnam visa. The cost of Vietnam visa extension varies from different cases.

For tourist visa, it is much easier for one to extend Vietnam visa for another one month on the basis of a tourist Vietnam visa. The fee to extend tourist Vietnam visa (C1 visa) is just around USD 40 to USD 50.

However, if one holds a C1 Vietnam visa and wants to get an extension for another three months then the fee is a lot different. In this case, it depends on the place you picked up visa, the port of arrival to Vietnam, etc. to decide 3 month visa extension for you.

For business visa, the extension fee to another 1 month is from USD 45. If you would like to apply for 3 month visa extension, then it will depend on the number times you have got visa extension already and the unit of issuance for your visa. 

For exemption visa: those who enter Vietnam with exemption visa (actually it is a seal, not visa) get more difficulties in extending their visa than others. Thus, citizens in the list of Vietnam visa exemption to Vietnam planning to stay in Vietnam longer than the exemption period should apply for a Vietnam visa with the validity length as their staying duration. Otherwise, they have to pay a higher fee when they get Vietnam visa extended.

What is the procedure to get visa extended?

- Please scan the passport pages containing your Vietnam visa(s) and send to

- Receive advice and requirements as well as fee of visa extension from our staff

- Then bring your original passport to our office

- Wait around 5 to 7 working days to get your passport back with new visa extension or renewal.

Notice: in case you are not in Hanoi, you can use express mail service to send your passport to us.

Vietnam visa for customers

Vietnam Visa Online consulting visa Making, provide visa Making, customer representatives to apply for visa to the State so customers will not have to waste time doing administrative procedures. How visa services of ensure safety procedures quickly with the lowest cost service. Customers can feel secure and confident when do visa in

How visa customers will enjoy a free courtesy service companies such as:

1. Free Consultation for customer issues related to visa activities such as:
Consult the provisions of law for the visa;
How Vietnam visa consultancy;
Consulting to prepare dossiers, Visa standard materials;
Consulting to prepare visa extension;
Consult other related issues.

2. Inspection and assessment of the legality of the consultation requirements and the client's papers:
On the basis of customer requirements and documentation provide our lawyers will analyze and evaluate the legality, compliance with the requirements of the job;
In case customers need a lawyer involved in the negotiations, met to exchange with client partners to do a visa, we will arrange and ensure the participation as required;
We represent clients translation, notarized papers related.

3. representative will complete the visa procedures for clients such as:
After signing a service contract, we will proceed to prepare dossiers Working Visa for clients;
Representative to the competent authority to apply Working Visa to customers;
Representatives of track record and report the results submitted dossiers for customers;
Representative get Vietnam Visa to customers.

Get Vietnam visa from Rome and Getting Vietnam VISA Made Easy

 Get Vietnam visa from Rome (Italy)
For those who reside or stay in Rome (Italy) at the time of waiting for the visa to Vietnam, there are two ways to get Vietnam visa, through Vietnam Embassy in Rome (Italy), or get Visa on Arrival via online service:

Get Vietnam Visa through Vietnam Embassy in Rome (Italy)
• Issuing unit: Vietnamese Embassy in Rome (Italy)
• Processing time: 3 to 5 working days
• Processing fee: 85-100 USD/person
• Additional fee: Postal cost
• With Passport requirement
• How to get it? You reach this Embassy in person and follow the required procedures.

Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival via visa service:
• Issuing unit: Vietnam Immigration Department
• Processing time: 1 to 2 working days
• Processing fee: 21 USD (1 month single), 25 USD (1 month multiple), 31 USD (3 month single)…more (stamping fee NOT included)
• Without Passport requirement
• How to get it? You go online at, fill in the secure form, and just wait 1-2 days until you receive your Visa Approval Letter, and take this + your passport + 2 photos to Vietnam to get your visa at airport.

Getting Vietnam VISA Made Easy

For those who would like to avoid the perhaps lengthening visa procedures with their local Vietnam's Embassies, the service of Vietnam Visa on arrival is available for help. It is legitimated and supported by the Vietnamese Immigration Department. We recommend that you choose visa upon arrival, as picking up visa at the Vietnam int'l airport is quite simple, easy, no additional charges and no fail.

Apply online for a visa in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Get started by filling in the secure online form.
Fill in the application form with the correct details of your name, passport number and arrival date, as well as and designate a payment method.

Step 2: Confirm and pay
We accept most major credit cards and debit cards, as well as Paypal. Have a question?

Step 3: Receive and print the approval letter:
After you submit your application and payment, we will start processing your visa. After 2 working days, we will send you an approval letter by email. Then you just need to print the PDF attachment file (color preferred, but not required) and prepare at least 2 passport sized photos (4cm x 6cm).

Step 4: Get your visa stamp upon arrival at one of the Vietnam's airports:
Upon arrival at Vietnam's airport in Hanoi, Danang, or Ho Chi Minh Airport, expect to fill in a simple form, present the your approval letter, passport, photos, and pay for the stamping fee. without hassle or trouble.

Private Vietnam visa on arrival issuing

Pre-arranged Vietnam visa on arrival/ e-visa to Vietnam is allowed and legally. You can find a lot of information of this kind of Vietnam visa in our website or in other resources.

Short description:
1. Once applied, you get a pre-approved visa letter send by email. It is much cheaper and faster than
apply directly at the Vietnam Embassies.
2. Follow our guidelines and you'll get your visa stamped when landing.
3. Get the visa stamped when arriving at visa counter at one of International airport in Vietnam (Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh city).
We guaranteed to deliver the visa on time or you can actually cancel the Paypal transaction if you don't get the approval letter. The letter approval is issued
by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. The letter contains normally applicant's full name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number. If you don't like to share your private passport details, then ask for private visa on arrival issuing.

The limitations of Vietnam visa on arrival:
- You can only apply the Vietnam visa on arrival if you enter Vietnam by airplanes
- Some of nationalities those are not allowed to get Vietnam visa on arrival then you should check pre-arranged visa on arrival for your nationality before. If your country is on the list of limitation then the best solution is getting your visa at the Vietnam embassies or contact with us to have more information. Probably the process is more complex, you may be requested to provide the guarantee by one of Vietnamese company organizations for your staying or working in Vietnam.

Can you be rejected by the airlines?
All the airlines can't reject you boarding the plane as long as you have the approval letter. It says in English that you are allowed to get your visa when landing in one of the Vietnamese international airport (Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City). There's no traveller get rejected to board the plane because of the visa letter, if so ask to get a written confirmation of the reason.

Vietnam visa for tourist customers

We are honored to support you - our customers, apply for a visa to Vietnam, and also take this opportunity we would like to send my sincere thanks to our customers for the attention to the site: Our - by Tourism Corporation operating explore Vietnam!
Site: be established to provide customers with utility services at the lowest price, meet the criteria of quality, Reliable, fast response, competitive price and approach to customer-centric;

Quality: We have direct experience of work in the field of Vietnam visa with professional staff that very few other staff.
Reputation: We have thousands of customers trust because of legal certainty and the highest level of safety that we provide them.
Quick response: Whatever the problem no matter how small, from obtaining a visa to the online support site are to ensure rapid implementation.
Competitive price: Our service fee is only 21 U.S. dollars, without any extra charge!
The approach focuses on the customer: Our first objective is to understand and support our customers obtain a Vietnam visa in the best possible way.
Besides visa processing services for travelers, we also offer a number of services, including support services stamping fast, visa extension services, and bus transportation services. For more information about these services, please visit our other services.

Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy abroad

Vietnam visa at the Embassy abroad - advice by temporary card visa department residence Legal ANT (legalviet) - law consulting firm reputation has extensive experience in consulting foreign law.

Visa - a temporary residence card for foreigners is a regular service and our strengths. You are interested in any temporary residence card information below, please contact us at the address on this site for advice and service users Vietnam Visa need to prepare before the documents to the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries.

Foreign passport must be valid for at least 06 months;
Passport not torn or faded.
You must have an official entry by the Exit and Entry Management Department of the Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam approved allows you to enter and get Vietnam visa at the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in abroad (which must specify the name of the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries).

This document is issued by the National Immigration management by one of the following individuals and organizations sponsor:
+ Due to the relatives of foreigners in Vietnam guarantee
+ Due to a company or an organization in Vietnam guarantees for the purpose of trade, business, market research .......
+ Due to a travel company guarantee for the purpose of visiting Vietnam tourism
Note: The written entry must be the Exit and Entry Management Department - Ministry of Public Security and fax to the Embassy / Consulate of Vietnam in particular abroad.

Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy abroad need to perform the following procedures

The official entry
Fill out the form under the guidance of the staff of the Embassy / Consulate of Vietnam
Pay the visa fee at Embassy / Consulate in accordance with, visa type 01 months is $ 25 and 03 months is $ 50. (Pre-payment is Vietnamese currency or U.S. dollars).
When wishing to apply for a visa - a temporary residence card, please contact the visa department - our temporary residence card to receive the best advice and service.

Entry visa services to Vietnam

To apply for a Vietnam visa you can contact directly with the Embassy of Vietnam in your country or contact the Vietnam Immigration Department in order to receive the Letter of Acceptance, then get the visa at the international airport .

Normally the visa by getting the Visa at the airport easily and quickly than with a visa at the Embassy. However, if you have not experienced visa and do not understand the procedures to apply for Vietnam visa in this way you will encounter some difficulties and unnecessary confusion about the procedure, even wastes costly and unnecessary fees. To solve this problem you can contact the visa service unit carry out procedures for visa on your behalf. This permitted by Vietnamese law and are encouraged by the Immigration Department. unit has extensive experience providing immigration services for domestic and foreign citizens. We provide visa services smoothly and successfully for hundreds of thousands of customers over the years. Our services are oriented criteria: Quickly, saving & reputation so has received the trust of many companies and individuals who want to apply for Visa to Vietnam. Our visa services are made on the basis of a deep understanding of the law of Vietnam so if you have family, customers are foreign nationals applying for a visa to Vietnam to visit relatives, travel travel and work, you have complete peace of mind, contact us.
We have offices in both North and South Vietnam to easily meet the needs of customers.

Extension of visa for foreigners in Vietnam should be sent to service customers extend the visa for foreigners in Vietnam.

We extend and refresh the visa depending on your nationality and type of vietnam visa. Come to An English, you will be satisfied with the security services, prestige and secure, quick procedure.

Conditions and procedures for the renewal and extension of vietnam visa for foreigners in Vietnam Security in Vietnam:

Visa for 2 to 3 days or more

Passport valid at least 3 months.

2 4x6 white background

Temporary residence issued by the hotel, guesthouse or local certification bodies.

Refresh time, Vietnam visa extension within 7 - 10 days.

In the case of taking more than we will charge an additional fee.

Vietnam Visa For UK Citizens

A Bristish - UK passport holders are required to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Tourist visas are good for 30 days and may be extended after your arrival in Vietnam. You can do it your self at Vietnam embassy in London or apply for a visa on arrival.

Location of Vietnam Embassy (Visa Section) in the UK How to get there? The Embassy is opposite to Kensington Garden (Hyde Park). The nearest tube station is High Street Kensington, which is about five minutes walking from the Embassy. You just exit the tube station, turn right, go straight for about 300 m, then you will see Victoria Road on your right.

Address: 12-14 Victoria Road,
London W8 5RD
Tel: 0207 937 1912
Fax: 0207 937 6108 / 0207 565 3853

* Processing time
It takes five working days (in the normal processing) and two working days (in the fast-track processing) to process your visa for both applications made in person or by post. Application by post must be accompanied with a self-addressed envelope. Fees and charges are per individual and applicable to both UK and Ireland and to all applicants who possess valid and separate passports. All payments for fees and charges can be combined into one single form (in cash, postal order or bank draft). Pre-paid envelopes are not accepted.

Please note if your children are also on your passports, they will be exempted. Otherwise, they will need separate visas and will be charged as such. You do not need, however, to file separate application forms for them. (Tips by DirtyQuilmes / Thorn Tree Forum – Lonely Planet)

Option 2: Apply online

Visa on arrival is recognized as a legitimate way to obtain your Vietnam visa by the British Embassy in Hanoi. A number of travel agencies are handling the process, which is quite simple:

- Apply online for the visa

- Collect the approval letter by email and prepare 2 passport sized photos

- Arrive at a Vietnam Airport and collect the visa stamp

Required documents:

You are required to submit your passport and 2 passport sized photos when you arrive at a Vietnam Airport. No documents are required at the time of applying online.
Application Forms:

Vietnam visa UK Visa-on-arrival application form for UK citizens

Embassy visa form Vietnam embassy visa application form

Vietnam visa on arrival

What is "visa on arrival": Saving time, easy and quickly procedure to get visa on arrival. We will explain detail about the best way to get visa to Vietnam on arrival.

This is most likely the easiest way to obtain your visa without having to chase down embassies, consulates and the like prior to your trip. The entry visa will be stamped on your passport at the Visa On Arrival Desk at the International Airport in Vietnam. Then you can pass through the Immigration checking point. With this type of visa, you only can enter the country by air.

Vietnam visa fee
Visa Type Service fee Stamp fee
1 month single entry 8 USD 25 USD
1 month multiple entries 8 USD 50 USD
3 months single entry 20 USD 25 USD
3 months multiple entries 32 USD 50 USD

How to pay:

We provide safe and easy payment online by credit card or paypal account, that keep confidentiality your private information with following steps:

Step 1: Apply your visa online with the form

Step 2: Get confirmation with link to pay through your e-mail.

Step 3: Receive visa approval though your e-mail.

Notes: We will send you an e-mail to confirm your application as well as to be a chance for you to recheck applied information, which will be ensure there are nothing wrong with your application.

How visa process: After getting your all required information and payment we will send these to Vietnam Immigration Department, they will issue an approval letter of visa upon arrival for you. This letter will be scanned, sent to your email address or your fax. Copies of the same document will be forwarded on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration checkpoints at International Airports only, so when you arrive in Viet Nam, the Immigration officers will have those documents on hand and will be able to issue your entry visa at once. You just print out the letter and take along with you involving 02 photos (4cm x 6cm), validity passport and cash (US dollars) for the stamping fees Notes :

You will pay us for the service fee only.

Stamp fee will be paid at the airport for visa stamped on your passport or at the Vietnam embassy in your country.
Normal precessing: 2 working days
Urgent processingL 1-2 hours and supplement $10