Making Vietnam visa to travel Europe

Visa Vietnam has created its own brand as a direct provider of services related to Visa customers. Currently, in Vietnam Visa is providing related services such as visas, organizing tours, hotel reservation ...

This summer, the sun of weapons you want Europe, but no visa information sheet in hand, others hesitate any longer without contact us to be able to shorten the time back in the best way.

Visa Vietnam today will guide our customers in extensive detail the implementation process work visa card:

- Step 1: Apply Online page, fill in the secure form, and make a payment service fee

- Step 2: Wait 2 business days or 1 business day to get your Visa Approval Letter by the Vietnam Immigration Department by email

- Step 3: In the written approval of the enclosed form of Immigration

- Step 4: Getting Vietnam visa stamped at the airport check-in counter by presenting it in the form of a visa approval letter, passport, two passport-size photo, entry and exit of you, and stamping fee immigration staff.

Vietnam Visa Application Form

The Consulate of Vietnam requires that the visa application be completed online, printed and submitted to VisaCentral with the rest of your documents. The form can be found at . Be patient as load times can be protracted. Finally, the form will open in Vietnamese. You must click "English", located in the upper-right corner of the page, to complete the form in English. Your completed application must:

 - Completed in 15 minutes or fewer
 - For "Place of Visa Submission" and "Place of Visa Collection" select the city to which you will send your documents. (If your city is Washington DC then select "Viet Nam Embassy in the United States of America")
 - Include the "Sponsor" name as 'Vietnam' for a Tourist visa
 - Be signed in blue or black ink in the lower right portion of the form, underneath the date you completed the application

Vietnam visa on arrival provides simple

Vietnam visa on arrival from the development in Vietnam has given people a lot of fascinating gadgets. When Vietnam visa on arrival to use, you will feel all the utility services related to visas are resolved quickly.

Visa is the indispensable papers for each entry when you want to Vietnam, Vietnam visa on arrival - the first choice for you.

We are committed to African visa will absolutely simple, fast and efficient. We have staff been trained, professional, dynamic work style, enthusiasm, regularly monitor and update the latest regulations on African visa will advise to you precise information, specific to each case.

You only need to provide the necessary information to support the application for a visa on arrival visa for Vietnam information about themselves, the purpose, trip time, financial capability, ... The next stage as sort and filing, scheduling interviews, interview experience success from the first time will be 24hvisa implement and share secrets.

Vietnam visa on arrival is proud of units built professional service style, thoughtful and dedicated regional stature.

Vietnam Visa announced new rules

Vietnam Visa information about the new rules relating to visa, visa extension visa, temporary residence card for foreigners.

The contents of the new regulations of the Law on visa, visa extension is shown including:

- Visa, a visa for foreigners who are not converted purposes (Article 7).

- The new law changes the visa symbol than the former (Article 8), the symbol of the new law visas showed understandable signs of visas under the new rules is the abbreviation of human purpose visa. Details see here

- Vietnam Visa is a visa by foreign investors in Vietnam and foreign lawyers practicing in Vietnam does not exceed 5 years.

- The presence of foreign entry as unilateral visa exemption, the next entry point to exit from Vietnam last at least 30 days. Under the old order, the Authority has no provisions on this. Details here.

Foreigners and enterprises using foreign laborers working in Vietnam to note the important content of the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam.