Vietnam Visa Application Form

The Consulate of Vietnam requires that the visa application be completed online, printed and submitted to VisaCentral with the rest of your documents. The form can be found at . Be patient as load times can be protracted. Finally, the form will open in Vietnamese. You must click "English", located in the upper-right corner of the page, to complete the form in English. Your completed application must:

 - Completed in 15 minutes or fewer
 - For "Place of Visa Submission" and "Place of Visa Collection" select the city to which you will send your documents. (If your city is Washington DC then select "Viet Nam Embassy in the United States of America")
 - Include the "Sponsor" name as 'Vietnam' for a Tourist visa
 - Be signed in blue or black ink in the lower right portion of the form, underneath the date you completed the application